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Guild Challenge 2017 – 2018

The Guild Challenge for this year is called Play Full Deck Fun.  Create an interpretative quilt based on a card from a playing deck.  Pick a card, any card, and let your imagination run wild.  There will be four categories: 1. Functional Quilt (max. size 50″ X 65″ lap/throw), 2. Newbie Quilt (less than two years quilting, max. size 50″ X 65″), 3. Art Quilt (max. size 50″ X 65″), 4.  Objects d’Art (doll, puppet, mannequin, handbag, apparel, home décor, etc.).  There will be a Viewer’s Choice in each Category.  Everything is due at the May General Meeting in 2018. C

Read all about–  LCQG Quilt Challenge 2017-18

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Guild Challenge 2016 – 2017

This is a President’s Challenge just in time to celebrate Canada’s 105th Celebration. All entries will be hung at our Quilts on the Tay show in August 2017.  Viewer’s Choice will become part of the Inter-guild Traveling Display for 2017. The quilt will be no larger than 90″ X 102″, at least half of the quilt should be Red & White, must try to incorporate the Maple Leaf somewhere in your quilt (even if only on the label), and will have the Theme “Our Community – Our Country”.  Lots of examples and suggestions are in the Sept. 2016 Newsletter.  This Challenge is due at our January 2017 meeting. UPDATE:  The winner of the Viewer’s Choice for the President’s Challenge is Alexis Mongeau.  Her winning is currently gone to join all the other winning quilts, getting ready to tour all the quilt shows this year.  We hope to have them at one of our Fall General Meetings as we are not having a Quilt Show this year, due to renovations at our venue.  Our Quilts on the Tay has been moved to July 2018. All pictures of the entries for the President’s Challenge can be viewed on our Facebook page.  The Winning quilt is here. WinnerPresChall2017 C.

Guild Challenge 2015 – 2016






This year’s Challenge is an ALPHABET CHALLENGE.  You get to use your initials to make decisions for a quilted piece no bigger than 30″ X 30″ that will be due in May 2016.  You take the first initial of your first name, middle name, and last name and choose items from 3 Categories: Colour Name, Quilt Block and/or Technique, Quilting Motif.  Cathy says she will offer lots of inspiration.  In October, she will have a table set up that will be a feast for your eyes all about Colour.  In November, the table will be set up with examples of Quilt Block names and Techniques.  If you know what you want to do, great!  If you don’t, you have lots of time to let Cathy tantalize you with lots of visual clues to help you make the ultimate decision on your quilted piece.  This should be a fun Challenge!

Viewer’s Choice went to: 1st Carole Armstrong, 2nd Alexis Mongeau, 3rd Barbara Sangster.  Winners received a ribbon and a homemade label for their piece made by Cathy.  C.

LCQG’s 25th Anniversary Challenge

“Doorways to the Silver Anniversary of LCQG – 25 Years of Quilting Together” was the theme of the challenge presented to the Guild Members in order to celebrate this year’s 25th Anniversary.  With that theme, a swatch of silver fabric, the group was encouraged to submit their entries at the May 2015 Guild Meeting.

Winners were Carol Darou (1st), Cathy Price (2nd) and first time challenge entry Hope Bell (3rd).  Congratulations to our winners and all who entered.


25 Years of Quilting Together

It’s been 25 years of great quilting and great company.  We hope that you all are ready for a very special anniversary challenge.

This year the challenge is to create a doorway quilt; a quilt that looks kike an inviting entrance way that reflects your personality.  We leave it open to you to choose the doorway.  Your front door, neighbours door, architectural door, door from your childhood, barn door, mouse door, etc., etc…. one that inspires you to join this challenge. To reflect the silver in “Silver Anniversary” we have included a 6×6 piece of fabric for you to use in your quilt. A few things to consider before you start:

  1. All quilts not to exceed 40 x 40 inches in size.
  2. All quilts must be made completely by participants.
  3. All quilts must contain some of the silver material provided.
  4. All quilts must be a unique design
  5. Quilts will be judged by out-of-guild judges.
  6. Quilts due for April 28th, 2015 General Meeting.

2014 Guild Challenge

The Guild Challenge for 2013-14 is a very special challenge and presentations will be held in April and NOT May.  The town of Perth is celebrating the 200th Anniversary of the Perth Military Settlement.  These celebrations will be held in conjunction with some of the other Lanark County communities e.g. Tay Valley and Drummond/North Elmsley.

The Challenge is not affiliated in any way with these celebrations, however the challenge is for us to “Celebrate the 200th Anniversary, My Way”.  We would like to see creativity…anything goes.  It does not have to be a traditional quilt, nor use reproduction fabrics.  Your quilt will reflect something that inspires you about the area, or history or your personal connection to the area.  Think inside, outside and all around the box on this one.  We would like everyone to get excited and involved.

1.   Must be a quilt (3 layers) and cannot be a jacket or other object other than a quilt.
2.   Can be any shape or size, but does not exceed 100×100 inches
3.   Any method or type of fabric is accepted; eg. crazy quilt, applique, pieced.
4.   Absolutely MUST include a label (not pinned) and hanging sleeve if larger than 200″ perimeter.
5.   May be hand or machine quilted.  If quilted by a second party, must include their name on label as the quilter.
6.   Must be started no earlier than Jan. 2013.

Hope that you are all looking forward to this challenge.