June 2016 – Upcoming Meeting

June is our PotLuck Meeting, but we eat at 6 pm, so that our meeting is still around 7 pm.  Get there early because Grantham Books will be there with lots of great deals.  This is our last meeting for the summer, and we get together again in September.  No workshop or trunk show at this meeting, we will be spending all our time and money on books.  Don’t forget your placemat, plate, cutlery, glass or cup, napkin, and a dish (either a main course, salad, or dessert) to add to what everyone else is bringing. Please remember a serving spoon or fork, and remember to mark any dish that might have allergens, such as nuts.  All library books must be returned this month, a major cataloging adventure will be undertaken during the summer.  See you at the meeting. C.

May 2016 Meeting Review

The Alphabet Challenge was a huge success.  20 entered and lots of voting done.  Viewer’s Choice went to: 1st Carole Armstrong, 2nd Alexis Mongeau, and 3rd Barbara Sangster. All the pictures of the winners quilts and the other entrants as well are posted on our Facebook page.  We are still looking for Executive Positions to be filled, please see Jean if you are interested.  Don’t forget our Fall Sale and make lots of items to donate, we always need to raise money for the Guild.  This month was our Annual General Meeting, so no trunk show was scheduled. C.